Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Hunt Test Update

Hi all and I hope you had a successful hunting season and are now enjoying our wonderful Colorado springtime while getting ready for hunt tests with your fabulous retrievers.

As you know, our Spring Hunt Test at Teal Lodge is coming up quickly and we still need a couple of key positions filled to make sure our test is a success.  Please contact me if you are able to help in one of these areas:

  • The Head Marshal is needed to make sure we have marshals at each of the stakes, ensuring novice marshals are aware of their responsibilities, and helping us round up additional help at each of the stakes. 
  • Gun Captain to help us get qualified gunners and backup gunners for each of the stakes. 
Betty King has graciously volunteered to take on the Hospitality role and will be making sure our judges and workers have plenty of refreshment and tasty lunches to carry them through each day of the test.  Thank you Betty for taking on this important job!

As you know, these tests can't happen without YOUR help, whether its marshaling, planting blinds, gunning birds, running a popper station, or simply providing arms and legs to help get equipment in and out of the field and set up for the tests.

If you are able to help out please contact me via email ( or phone (720-262-3872).  Please let me know:
  • Your contact info (name, phone and email address)
  • Which day you can help (Sat, 23 May or Sun 24 May).  
  • What tasks you are willing/able to perform. 
Finally, the club will be using Thunder guns at one of our stakes this year.  Gaby just received them this week and we will be checking them out and training folks in this use at our first club training day at Carol Brady's property on Sunday, April 19th.  If you were planning on helping out this year, that would be a good occasion to come check out our new toys. 

Thanks, and let's have a great spring hunt test. 

Earl Bradshaw
Spring Hunt Test Chairman

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